Projects|Material Solutions Center, Tohoku University(MaSC)

Tohoku University Material Solutions Center (MaSC) is a cooperative base between industry, academics and government that has been set up in a joint effort by Tohoku University and its Institute for Materials Research, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advance Metals, and Institute of Fluid Science and uses grants for facilities expenses from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Strictly selected 11 research projects are using space for research from first to fifth floors. These projects all aim to develop new materials in the next 4 years with new functions in the areas of "social infrastructure", "electronics", and "energy".

Projects Project Leader
1 Development of innovative manufacturing processes for quantum dot arrays and nano-energy devices Seiji Samukawa
2 Supercritical Nanomaterials Technology Tadafumi Adschiri
3 Development of synthesis methods for new phosphors for white LEDs Masato Kakihana
4 Research and developoment of functinal materiasl and devices for energy harvesting Shigeru Suzuki
5 Core technology for advanced battery :  Secondary battery consortium Itaru Honma
6 Development of phase-sensitive X-ray scanner for high-sensitive non-destructive testing Atsushi Momose
7 Development of Hydrogen energy system Tatsuoki Kono
8 Development of electron beam melting based additive manufacturing technology and new materials Akihiko Chiba
9 Development of novel recycling technology for magnesium alloy fuel cell by solar energy Hiroyuki Shibata
10 Research and Development on Non-equilibrium Magnetic Materials Akihiro Makino
11 Fusion Research Laboratory of Tribology Kazue Kurihara
12 Aircraft Computational Science Project Shigeru Obayashi
13 The France-Japan joint laboratory: ELyTMaX Sadayoshi Ito
14 The Center of Innovation(COI) Program【Center of Innovation for creation of a health-conscious society to realize healthy and fulfilling life, and strengthen family ties through unobtrusive sensing and daily health screening】 Takuzo Takayama
15 Center for Innovation and Business Yoshinori Yajima
16 Technical Support Center, Organization for the Promotion and Support of Research Activities Sadayoshi Ito
17 Council for the Project of Synchrotron Light in Tohoku, Japan Sadayoshi Ito
18 TOHOKU University Venture Partners Co., Ltd. Tetsuji Yanami
19 Tohoku Magnet Institute Co.,Ltd. Tsuyoshi Nomura